Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sarahbeth on Steven Tyler's biography...A must Read!!!

Sarah Beth Breck made a comment on Does the Noise in My Head Bother You?: The Autobiography — Really....???? 19595480 " I love Aerosmith and Steven Tyler. I have read "Walk this Way", Bebe Buell (Liv's Mom) "Rebel Heart" and Cyrinda Foxe-Tyler's "Dream On"... I was interested to see how Steven would address the very unflattering allegations in Cyrinda's book...D**N..He addressed everything and did not deny one single thing. He does not use his drug addiction as an excuse for his sorry parenting, womanizing and other poor life choices. I was surprised he told about "Diana" the 14 yr girl he really loved and the abortion she had..RIGHT THERE WAS STEVEN'S TURNING POINT THAT SET THE COURSE FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE...It is my hypothesis that he suffered from PTSD after the "Diana" incident/relationship. They say when you know a person's life story everything in their life makes sense...Either you get it or you don't...I get Steven Tyler..He is who he excuses.


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