Tuesday, May 22, 2012

HELL 90210....defending Michelle Duggar


Comments on "How to keep your man a la Michelle Duggar"

Sarah Beth Breck May 22, 2012 | 12:58 PM
Leave Michelle alone!! It's lighthearted ADVICE for God's Sake. (unintended pun) It's essential to possess an IQ score that exceeds tooth count to understand/decipher Michelle's advice as "what works for her". I live in Bible Thumper Hell (NC/VA border in NC). "Christians" proudly announce the source of any knowledge "Cause the Preacher said so". (Dear God) MANY Self-Appointed Preachers "got the calling"..no education required. .. Mr. Preacher will impress you with his knowledge of the bible. (Preaches the entire BIBLE in two syllables or less).. (insert Genius speech). The 16th disciple claims he talks to JEEZUS during morning bathroom activities...no s*** (oops.. pun). His word is gospel (oops)..."Bad stuff don't happen to people who come to church".. (sans brain and ears) My destination A.D. is Hell 90210..Hangin' with my Catholic Peeps'. ("cause the preacher said so")
How to keep your man a la Michelle Duggar