Friday, April 4, 2014

Alone with Getty

LOVED EVERY SECOND....transported me.. By ML on September 18, 2013 Format: Kindle Edition Amazon Verified Purchase What an incredible time to live...what an extraordinary woman ...what an enormous ability to LOVE...and she loved J.Paul like no other woman every did...What a gloriously warm and open armed woman she lucky Getty was to have had her in his life...It is no wonder that he never was able to marry again....Her story truly made me feel as though I was living back in the days of fabulous night clubs of Manhattan in the 20's-30's-40's and 50's....I cannot wait to read her story again and again and intend to buy it as Christmas gifts for all of my friends...I am so hoping that Teddy Lynch Getty Gaston might honor us with another chapter from her life!!!! ABSOLUTELY MAD FOR THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A MUST MUST MUST REAd